Inverted Nipple Correction

Most women see a plastic surgeon for enlarging or reducing the size of their breasts. One more important reason to visit the plastic surgeon is due to inverted nipples. Even though this condition is painless it can make the nipples look distorted. In some cases if only one breast is involved the breasts look asymmetrical. It also makes the breast feeding very challenging or even impossible. Men can have inverted nipples too.

Some reasons for inverted nipples are structure of the nipple or the surrounding skin and underlying tissue. In some cases the milk ducts and other tissues in the nipple become shortened because of inflammation causing the inversion. Scar tissue can lead to permanent inversion too.

Why Do I Have Inverted Nipples?

This condition is due to short milk ducts that don’t allow the nipples to protrude out, instead the nipple ends up being retracted into the breast. The leading cause of inverted nipples is short milk ducts. In some cases the condition can develop after pregnancy. The loss of breast tissue after pregnancy can lead to inverted nipple. Inflammation and scar tissue can also cause the nipples to be inverted. Some women are even born with inverted nipples.

Inverted nipples can easily be corrected with surgery thus gaining you more self-confidence.

Different levels of Inversion:

There are 3 different levels of nipple inversion. Dr Yadav will evaluate your specific condition and decide the level during your visit.

The levels for nipple inversion vary from scale 1-3.

In level 1, the inverted nipple responds to cold or tactile stimulation and protrudes out. It may stay protruded out for a while and invert back.

In level 2, the nipple stays inverted all the time and is very difficult to pull out.

Level 3 is the most severe level of nipple inversion. Even with severe stimulation nipple will not pull out due to severe tissue constriction or scarring.

You can talk about your goals and expectations during your consultations with Dr Yadav. He will be more than happy to answer any relevant questions you have. He will review and discuss various options available to you. If you decide to go for surgery you can visit our state of the art facility and visit our caring staff.

What is Nipple correction Surgery?

There are different surgeries depending upon your requirement, whether you want to correct inverted nipples or reduce enlarged nipples or areola. Many procedures can be performed on an outpatient basis under local anaesthesia and you can go home the same day.

Nipple problems are very common and can easily be reversed so please don’t hesitate to contact our office and book an appointment with Dr Yadav. Upon your visit he will discuss all the options available for you and you can then decide the correct course of action as a team.

Your consultation is free and you are under no obligation to undergo any surgery.

The benefits of Nipple correction surgery:

With corrected nipples you can regain and restore your confidence which can have positive impact on you as a person. If you have discomfort due to inverted nipples then the corrective surgery will be of obvious benefit to you.

Dr Yadav will explain to you about any impact the procedure may have on breastfeeding. In many cases the breastfeeding will not be affected.

Before and after images

You’ll be able to view a selection of Before and After photographs of previous patients upon your consultation. Needless to say that we take utmost care of our patient’s confidentiality.

Nipple correction – what the procedure involves

The procedure depends upon the type of nipple correction surgery and the technique the surgeon decides to use. The procedure will be explained to you in detail before the surgery. Generally the surgery lasts for about and hour and in most cases local anaesthesia will be used so you’ll be awake but will feel no pain. You might be given mild sedative. You will not leave the hospital until you are feeling well enough to do so. Overnight stay is not required.

Recovery after Nipple Correction

After surgery you will go home with a protective bandage around the newly protruding nipple. It needs to be worn for 6 weeks and it protects the nipple from external pressure that may result in nipple inverting back inside. The sutures are self dissolving and within few weeks they should dissolve. Being a minimally invasive procedure only a small incision is made resulting in a scar that’s not noticeable. Additionally the texture and colour difference in nipple and surrounding areola helps in hiding the scar.

After successful completion of surgery the result will be more contoured, outward projecting nipples. Since the aim of the surgery was to correct underlying cause the results are usually permanent.

Activities such as lying on your stomach, giving people hugs or wearing tight fitting shirts or lifting arms above your shoulders should be avoided after surgery as these can apply pressure to the nipples. Non- strenuous activities such as watching TV, making meals and reading can be performed.

You should not feel a lot of pain after surgery. There will be some discomfort that can easily be managed with painkillers that will be provided by Dr Yadav with a prescription for the same. Most patients don’t need painkillers more than 1-2 days.

At 2 weeks you will need to see Dr Yadav to change your special protective dressing.

At 12 weeks you will have another visit with Dr Yadav. If the nipples have maintained their shape at 12 weeks, it is highly unlikely that they will invert back. Hence you will not need any more visits. Post-operative photos will be taken at this time.

Side Effects, risks and complications

Like any surgical procedure, nipple correction surgery has some risks. We will explain all those in advance before you make the decision for surgery. You will also find full details in our nipple correction guide.

Nipple correction surgery costs

The cost varies according to your individual surgery.

In order to make cosmetic surgery an affordable reality, we work with a finance provider to offer loans and interest free credit options. You will find all the information about financing into our finance page.

We understand that this decision goes far beyond the cost. Please feel free to talk about all your concerns and questions in confidence when you book your free consultation with us.